Hourglass Fieldhouse: Integrated Rainscreen Design

With the System5 approach and focus on Principle 4 Engineered Subframing, designers now have the ability to interchange multiple cladding materials on the same elevation seamlessly with the same substructure components and bracket assembly. Design materials such as fiber cement, HPL, terracotta, porcelain stone and natural stone can now be integrated in a drained and back-ventilated rainscreen wall assembly with one uniform attachment approach.

To illustrate this fact, we thought it would be fitting to look back at a project where this was certainly the case.  Installed in 2009, the fieldhouse complex at Miramar College in San Diego is a prime example of how multiple products and systems can be easily incorporated when a focus on an engineered attachment system part of the design philosophy of the project. Early on, Miramar College engaged the San Diego-based design firm of Carrier Johnson with the following task – design a high-performance, state-of-the-art, ‘green’ fieldhouse facility for the second phase of the Hourglass Athletics Complex. With the goal of sustainable design in mind, the design team led with a drained and back ventilated rainscreen design and worked with Cladding Corp for the fiber concrete panels and fully-engineered substructure.

In addition to the energy-efficient wall design and economical and installation-friendly F2.11 riveted attachment system, the $26 million dollar facility also incorporated the use of reclaimed water for landscaping, non-heat absorbing roofing materials and water conserving fixtures that reduce water consumption by 30% overall.  Embracing a variety of complimentary products for the exterior envelope, Carrier Johnson was able to incorporate a variety of surfaces and textures into the design, connecting each individual components of the fieldhouse with sweeping spans of arbors and open spaces. The F2.11 System was an ideal substructure for attachment as it allows for a narrow cavity space for the ventilated wall and is both cost effective and installation friendly.  Installed by Division 8 Inc., the Hourglass Athletic Complex stands as a dramatic example of the flexibility of integrated rainscreen system design.