Mastering Rainscreen Design... From the Ground Up!

Cladding Corp serves as North America’s rainscreen solution provider. In all that we do, our goal is to master the art and science of proper drained and back-ventilated (DBV) rainscreen design for North America. From an exterior cladding perspective, our product approach is focused on three elemental material types: fiber cement, terracotta and ceramic stone - each with a conviction for sustainability in mind. All of our panel products are sourced from natural raw materials - elements that come from the earth and can go back to the earth - truly rainscreen from the ground up! 

For nearly 20 years, we have provided rainscreen consulting and design services that respond to the increasing need for a systems-based solution that considers all of the design and structural criteria of the project. We believe in challenging the status quo of improper DBV rainscreen design and installation. We believe that a "ground up," holistic approach to rainscreen design is necessary – one that takes into account the entire exterior envelope of the wall assembly - from exterior cladding all the way back to the inner moisture control. 

Terra5 Terracotta Rainscreen Cladding
SWISSPEARL® Cladding Corp Fiber Cement Rainscreens
Ceramic5 Porcelain Stone Rainscreen Cladding

Drawing from over 20 years of industry relationships, technical expertise and real-life experience, Cladding Corp is proud to provide ECO Cladding's aluminum sub-frame platform of adjustable bracket and rail systems designed to accommodate our rainscreen panels.  The ECO approach to rainscreen sub-framing gives designers the ability to interchange multiple cladding materials on the same elevation and/or project seamlessly with the same thermal-compliant substructure components and bracket assembly.

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