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Fiber Cement Rainscreens

Swisspearl Cladding Corp Fiber Cement Rainscreens

Two great companies – Swisspearl ® and Cladding Corp – have joined forces to serve as the premium fiber cement rainscreen solution in North America. Architects, installers, and owners now have the premier fiber cement panel from Swisspearl, combined with a fully engineered rainscreen system by Cladding Corp. 

In line with Cladding Corp's vision for elemental materials from the "ground-up," Swisspearl is proudly made up of natural raw materials from the Swiss mountains: cement, pulverized limestone, water, and air.  In addition, less energy is consumed during the manufacture of Swisspearl panels, as compared to many other leading building materials. Swisspearl facades can be easily installed to retrofit or reclad existing structures as well as be effortlessly removed when it is time for a new design direction. And with a lifetime of over 40 years, Swisspearl improves both the ecological and economical outcome of every building envelope.

Cladding Corp's engineered systems give architects and installers the needed resources to design intelligent rainscreen walls that address deep cavity systems, continuous insulation (c.i.) and other code and industry standards. Our systems for fiber cement cladding, in partnership with ECO Cladding, are also designed to give architects aesthetic freedom to incorporate concealed, lap-siding or visible attachments. There are many companies promoting fiber cement panels, but only Cladding Corp has the premier fiber cement panel plus an engineered assembly solution that guarantees optimal performance and aesthetics. 

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