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TC30 – Terracotta Panels

IMG_2767-6x6A double-skinned terracotta rainscreen tile designed as part of our System5 Terracotta rainscreen assembly, TC30 combines the timeless beauty and warmth of extruded terracotta, with the technical performance of a cutting-edge cladding material. The tile’s characteristic fluted inner cavity and lowest classification of water absorption allows it to be both impact and pollution resistant – the perfect facade for high traffic areas.

In order to be as adaptable and versatile as possible, the TC30 rainscreen panels are available in modular heights and lengths – mix and match any height and length to create your facade design. All of these options are available in one adaptable attachment system.  TC30 comes in 16 standard colors.



Product Sizes

TC-30 chart-450

Color Palette – See Below

Attachment Systems 

Complete details (both CAD and PDF versions) are available in the download section of the website.

F2.22 Terracotta Clip System

F2.22The F2.22 Terracotta System is designed for double-skinned terracotta tiles to limit water penetration and provide a mechanical solution for attachment. Clips are concealed in the tile ship-lap.