Swisspearl® PLANEA




Swisspearl® PLANEA is a high-quality architectural fibercement panel with a grey-core and a vibrant UV-stable opaque surface.  PLANEA is both economical and durable when combined with our Cem5 Fibercement System. PLANEA is composed of all natural raw materials and serves as eco-friendly product that meets the demands of sustainability inherent to modern rainscreen cladding design.

Product Sizes

2500mm [ 98.43″ ] x 1220mm [ 48.03″ ]
3040mm [ 119.69″ ] x 1220mm [ 48.03″ ]

Thickness: 8mm [ 0.31″ ]
Thickness: 12mm [ 0.47″ ]


Color Palette


Attachment Systems

Complete details (both CAD and PDF versions) are available in the download section of the website.

F1.10 System

F1.10Visible Fixing with Rivets – Attachment method with rivets.  Ideal for concrete block or masonry back-up walls that require semi-rigid insulation and self-adjusting brackets allow for ease of installation along uneven substrates.



F1.40 Concealed System

F1.40The F1.40 System serves as the primary attachment method for concealed fastening using undercut anchors for fiber cement, ceramic, fiber concrete, high-pressure laminate, and natural stone.




F2.10 Rivet System

F2.10The F2.10 System is a visible attachment approach with rivets for a variety of cladding products including fiber cement, fiber concrete and high-pressure laminate.




 F2.11 System

F2.11Visible Fixing with Rivets – Attachment method with rivets.  Can be used for concrete or stud back-up walls when minimal cavity space is desirable.  Ideal for portrait oriented panels and economical over stud wall assemblies.  Rivet attachment guarantees high pull-out values and ease of installation.


 F2.14 System

F2.14Lap-Siding with Clips – Semi-concealed fixing for lap-siding applications.  Unique clip system devised for fixing panels in a lap-siding configuration.  Mechanically fastened clips and variable depth brackets with simple horizontal L-profile make this system an economical solution for lap-siding applications.