New GREEN Shipping on St. Patrick’s Day

 Cladding Corp is leading the way with our Green Initiative, not just on St. Patrick’s Day, but every day – by partnering with the to reduce the climate impact of shipping our rainscreen products!  By supporting’s certified projects, our shipments qualify as CO2 free!  

Our Carbon-Free Shipping program currently qualifies for LEED credits under the Innovation in Design (ID) Category and offers from 1 to 5 credits,  depending upon the extent of offsetting performed on a given project.

Cladding Corp is also in the process of petitioning USGBC to create a special category for these types of programs to encourage environmental stewardship and further support the design of Net-Zero Carbon Footprint buildings!

truck-stop-electrification-facilityAs part of our new Green Initiative, Cladding Corp now uses third party certification to support projects like the “Truck Stop Electrification Project,” which reduces tailpipe emissions from freight trucks that transport our goods across the United States.

With this project, instead of idling their trucks during federally-mandated rest periods, drivers can shut off their engines and utilize specialized advanced truck stop technology, which provides an in-cab service module which is connected (via a flexible hose) to an efficient external unit that heats, cools and powers the interior of the truck.  This allows the driver to rest while running their radio, computer and other items without forcing the engine to burn diesel.  This provides healthier conditions for the driver, helps reduce wear and tear on the engine, and saves approximately one gallon of fuel per hour!  

Strike up the band and have a Happy “GREEN” St. Patrick’s Day!

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